Intentional Coaching  Podcast

Intentional Coaching Podcast

Hosted by: Laura Varga

Life Advice & Life Coaching to support your Personal Growth, to motivate and uplift you in any moment.

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Stepping back, to Move Forward 💫

Stepping back in order to move forward is a concept I encourage to anyone who is ready to take control of their life for good. If you’re tired of reacting to everything in life rather than being thoughtful and...
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Unlocking your personal power

This audio will guide you to unlocking your personal power + will lead you to everything you have ever wanted. Short. Sweet. Powerful. From my heart to yours 🤍 Laura Varga
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You are exactly where you need to be

Trust the unfolding of life ✨ __________________________ “You are exactly where you need to be right now” … we reflect upon what this means in every day life, how to reconnect with your true self, and the power of...
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Change your life...simply

Aligned daily action is the key 🙌 _____________ This 🙌 will change the way you approach daily actions and decisions that will ultimately lead you to the bigger life changes you’ve been looking for. The energy,...
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You Have to Start Somewhere 💫

Better late than never? ______________________________ “Better late than never” is how I feel about posting this podcast episode. It fits perfectly with today’s topic of You Have to Start Somewhere. It’s the small...
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Judging others to keep yourself ‘safe’…?

Endless possibilities exist when you let go of judgements ✨ ____________ Endless possibilities exist when you can move beyond the judging mind and instead approach life with curiosity. “Your judgements are what...
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Showing up for yourself daily 🪄

It’s not a one time deal ________ The actions that you take on a daily basis are subconsciously sending a signal to your mind and your body about your value and your worth. Showing up for yourself daily is a very...
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Self Acceptance & Worthiness

The ultimate self-acceptance challenge ___________ This episode goes deep into self-inquiry and reflection. Where does your sense of worthiness come from? what’s driving that inner dialogue? And once you are aware,...
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What if it’s all happening on purpose?✨

It’s time to shift your focus forward 💕 One of the powerful questions I ask you in this episode is: “What if you shifted your focus towards the things that are meant for you?” If you are feeling stuck or noticing that...
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Your ability to adapt is a superpower

And yes, YOU have this ____________ This episode is a reminder of your personal power, a reflection of all that you have accomplished, and an acknowledgment that you are more capable of adapting to life situations...
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Check Your Surroundings

What you focus on is what you attract In this episode you will be reminded to pay attention to who and what you are surrounding yourself with on a daily basis - the people, the places, the thoughts - and you will be...
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The bigger picture perspective

Experience a broader view of your life situations __________________________________________ Immense clarity and comfort can arise when you take time to zoom out and look at the bigger picture perspective of your...
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