Relationship Remedy Experiment

Reignite the spark in your relationship!

The Relationship Remedy is a 7-day program with long-lasting benefits. This program offers daily activities that can be continued throughout the year, empowering you to transform your relationships while embarking on a personal journey of growth.

Are you looking to:

  • create new habits in your relationship?
  • break free from old relationship patterns?
  • discover new ways to relate to one another?
  • set new personal goals?
  • boost your time and energy? 

If any of the above resonates with you, then you will love this seven day experiment!


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What will this program provide?


The program will begin with providing you a physical and digital copy of the Relationship Remedy workbook for you to use for the entire seven days (and beyond)!

Each day you will receive access to a new module with an audio recording that will take you through readings, journaling, and activities that help you dive deeper into your relationships.

This experiment can be completed on your own OR together alongside your relationship partner.


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Are you ready to transform your relationship?   

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One-Time Payment

$1,111 CAD

Three Monthly Payments

$400 CAD