One Week to Erase Worry

Eliminate the habits of fear and worry, and move into a more trusting and positive space.

In just five days, One Week to Erase Worry will empower you to break free from the grip of fear and worry, guiding you towards a mindset of trust and positivity.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • clear your headspace
  • refocus your energy towards positive outcomes
  • develop a fresh perspective on managing thoughts of fear and worry


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"Going through the One Week to Erase Worry program was so helpful! It enabled me to question my habitual way of thinking that causes me so much stress."

Erin Malcolm

What can you expect from this program?


This program provides you with five days of journal prompts and activation audios sent straight to your inbox every morning. Each day you will receive fresh materials to help support you in shifting your mindset in a more positive direction.


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