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Fresh Perspective - How to gain New Clients and New income

Posted on September 1, 2011 at 9:15 AM
As the fresh, crisp air of September rolls in I always like to think of it as my New Year. Fall is just around the corner and it marks a time for change, reflection and preparing for the months ahead.
While planning for the next four months in Business, I suggest we take this opportunity for change as a gift of fesh perspective to apply it to the many areas of business which can always benefit from change: loyalty from exisiting clients, gaining new clients and creative ways of implementing new streams of income.
As we tend to focus on what's new, what's next and how to generate more income, we can often forget about improving exisiting systems we have in place. The first thing I think of when it comes to gaining new clients and more income is "What can I offer my existing clients to satisfy them even more?".
Gaining new cleints is great, however the key is to have a system in place for your exisitng clients that keeps them satisfied and loyal by showing them your appreciation and loyalty to them as clients. After all, your new clients will one day be your exisiting clients so once you have that system in place you are on your way to growing a sustainable business.
Here are my tips:
  • When creating new campaigns, giveaways or discounts, make sure they are not limited to new clients only. If they are, make sure you create something specific for your existing clients to acknowledge them for being part of your existing business. There is nothing worse than an exisitng client seeing your offer of 50% off to new prospects, when you haven't even contacted or offered something to the client who has already paid you.
When you are constantly thinking about contacting new prospects and creating campaigns for reaching new clients, answer this: When was the last time you contacted your existing clients? Don't wait for them to contact you as it may be too late at that point. Remember, if you do it right, existing clients = new business.
  • Set up quarterly conacts either via telephone, email or mail out to contact your existing clients. It is important to let cleints know you are still here, still valuing their business and it is a great opportunity to find out what has changed in their life that could create more business for you. Remember that the competition is feirce and in order to keep your exisitng clients you need to treat them like new prospects wherever possible.

Now You are ready to gain new clients. Keeping with the theme of a season for change and fresh perspective, TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Step out a little bit to experiment with new forms of marketing so that you can reach new clients. Don't do the same mail out you do every fall for "back to school" or place the same offer on your website. You need to think outside of the box and change something. Here is what you can try:

  • Join a new networking group to make contacts in areas you have never broke into before
  • Who are your referral partners? Build a list of businesses you can work out a referral system with that benefits both of you. I suggest you make the list first and then start contacting them immediately to meet and propose your idea - make sure when you present that you focus on the benefit for both of you
  • If you have never done a mail out before, try it.
  • If you have never done email marketing before, try it for F*REE - Most email marketing companies offer a 30 day trial which will definitely benefit you.
  • Cold Calling - never forget the original methods of reaching new cleints. Get out the phone book (or look it up on-line), open up the do not call list on the government website and start making calls. Prepare your script ahead of time and don't get discouraged by the number of "not interested". You are guaranteeed to find new clients using this method
  • Go into local businesses and offer seminars or info session for their employees to get your product known

New clients will generate new streams of income, however I suggest you start brainstorming ways you can have income from little effort. Selling items on-line, joining affiliate programs, adding a new product that sells itself, writing a "how to" guide for your business. Get creative and think FRESH.

I strongly recommend you embrace this season of change as a time to celebrate a new year with fresh perspective, crisp ideas and a time for reflection on how to consistently improve your business.

As September marks time for change, try something different that will drive results this Fall - hire a Life Design Business Coach. Call me for a consultation where I will put together an action plan for you to follow, keep you on track with a clear focus and you will see results in your business that you have never seen before! 20% off all coaching packages for the month of September, as well as $75 consultations! Now that's how you do business!

Much Success,

Laura Harrison

Certified Coach

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6:42 PM on May 28, 2012 
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