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How to Change Perspective

Posted on July 16, 2013 at 10:05 AM

I was raised as a cottager, traveling each weekend and each summer to the same beautiful lake for twenty-nine years. I have been blessed with the joys that a cottage can bring: nature, water sports, communtiy and so much more.

This year My husband and I decided to spend our summer at the cottage in Haliburton Highlands with our ten-month-old baby boy so that he can have the same experiences we did as children. We have been at our cottage now for two months and we are enjoying every moment.

Last week we were on our boat driving around the same lake that we have admired for all our years and we decided to dock and check out a vacant property on the lake. This brought me an experience that I want to share.

The view from this property was breathtaking - beautiful and serene - it was so different from our "same old" view on the same lake. It was beautiful, just as our view is, but it felt completely different. The same lake felt different. Today I went to the edge of my own property and looked at the lake from a different perspective and again, the lake looked different and gave me a different feeling.

This reminded me that changing perspectives, even the slightest, can completely change the way we feel about something. It is absolutely fascinating how shifting your perspective can be the key to shifting your feelings about the same situation. Any situation you face in your life has the possibility of being changed simply be changing your perspective.

There are many situations and challenges which we face that we cannot physically change or control (such as people or circumstances) however we can find great relief in changing our own perspective. Perspective is something that we can shift easily instead of fighting the endless battle of trying to change everyone but ourselves.

Just by visiting another property on the same lake gave me such a different feeling that it has allowed me to appreciate my own view of the same lake in a new way.

Next time you visit a lake, notice how you feel looking from afar, notice how you feel on the waters edge and again from a different edge of that same water... possibly on the water... or in the water. (if you don't live near water, try this same exercise in your backyard i.e. look from your neighbours yard). It is similar to how we can approach the different issues or challenges we face in our lives; sometimes we are viewing from afar, sometimes we are on the edge or at times right in it. It can be difficult to find solutions to our problems, especially when we are right in the middle, surrounded by it, but there is a way to find new insight when you shift your perspective.

A shift of perspective is all it takes to find new ways of approaching the same challenges.

How can we do this in our daily life?

  • Talk to a friend and ask for their perspective. Keep in mind that if you are stuck in a situation or find that you are repeating a pattern and you have talked to your friends about it numerous times, then that may be where you need to change your perspective... Sometimes friends cannot offer a new perspective so you may want to try....
  • Talk to an acquaintance or even a stranger! (in a safe environment);)
  • Talk to a Life Coach
  • Take a nap
  • Have a bath, shower or sauna
  • Go Swimming
  •  Write down your challenge from the other person's perspective
  • Walk to or visit a place you have never been before, preferrably a place outside with open space around
  • Email Me! If you would like advice on how to shift your perspective on a current life situation/challenge, simply write me an email with the subject line "Blog perspective" and I will offer you professional advice on how to do this (at no cost!)

I wish you success in finding new perspective for any or all of your life challenges.

Love and Success,

Laura Varga

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