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Know Thyself

Posted on May 23, 2012 at 9:00 PM

It is so important to know who you are and stay true to that person.

Collect information and decide for yourself Don’t believe everything you read > I still suggest you read lots - read the magazines, the books, articles, newspapers – Just keep in mind that just because you are reading it doesn’t mean that it is true for you. Take in as much information as possible, but before you take it on in your own life, make sure that it sounds right to you, feels right to you and that you agree with it. I believe it is very important to keep in mind that everything written is from one person’s point of view, even if collective information is used, it is still one person’s point of view. Make your own decision, form your own opinion, and if you still agree, then apply it to your Life. Just this one tip will save you lots of time and energy!

Listen to others and see how it feels Don’t believe everything you hear > When watching your favourite talk shows, remember that the information given is general and is not necessarily true for all. An example is that food and nutrition suggestions that are made to improve your health are great for some people and not for others. Keep in mind that although banana’s have vitamins and are “healthy” doesn’t mean that they are good for everyone. Some people may have reactions or notice that banana’s don’t make them feel well and my suggestion is to pay attention to that. Become more aware of what your body is telling you, see if that feels right to you and if it does that’s great. If it doesn’t, then remove it from your diet. Becoming more aware of your reactions to food will help you choose food that is just right for your body which will result in more energy, better metabolism, and a heightened awareness. This will also reduce the stress that can be caused by wondering why the magazine diet isn’t working!

Let Go of your need to be “Right” > Ask yourself why it is that you need to be right or make another person wrong. Become more aware of where that need to be right is stemming from. Practice non-judgment for one day – do not label anything as “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”, “ugly” or “beautiful” – Try to let things be for one day and see if the stress of that day feels more like a feather than an anvil.

Get to know yourself so that you can trust your instincts> What do you believe in? What is your definition of success? (this should be different for everyone) Do you know what your values are or where they came from? Have you ever made a decision using your values? What are your greatest accomplishments? On your 80th Birthday, what would you like to say were your best memories and greatest achievements? Is money more important than happiness? When you truly know yourself, you don’t get lost or frazzled by the difficult times in life – You learn from those difficult times and move forward because of them.

-Laura Harrison

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