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What My Newborn taught Me ... Lesson # 1

Posted on December 19, 2012 at 10:45 AM


Be in the moment > it only takes a second to follow a thought in my mind - what to make for am I going to make it to the store... did I forget to remind my husband... my list of "to do's"... - and that trail of thought can lead to a long road of past and future events. Those thoughts take us out of the moment. It's far too easy to spend time doing one task while your mind floats to a million different places and that is a sure sign of living out of the moment.

Thankfully, the challenges of a newborn baby come with many great gifts. The needs of a newborn are immediate - it's that simple - he has a need that moment and your provide to him. Newborns are living completely in the moment and as a Mother my job demand is to keep up with him in each moment. Though it only takes a second for my mind to trail off, I have this beautiful dark eyed baby looking up at me and he brings me right back from anywhere I trailed off to.

It is a beautiful gift from my baby boy and a true reminder of how simple life can be in the moment.


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