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We are all Leaders

Posted on November 8, 2013 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

We are all Leaders....

This Year, October 31 2013, is what I consider to be Jaxon's first Halloween - He is 14 months old and much more alert and aware than last year. In our Family, we always carve pumpkins and hand out candy, not usually decorating or dressing up. Jaxon wore orange and black instead of a costume.

The first time our door knocked he was a little unsure of what was going on but we brought him to the door to greet the children trick-or-treating. He watched me hand out chocolates to the kids and he smiled at them politely. When the second group knocked at the door Jaxon looked toward the door and then walked right over to see what was behind it. He watched me hand out chocolates again and after the kids left he grabbed a chocolate out of the bowl and held it up towards the door. By the time the third group knocked at the door, Jaxon was ready: He knew what the knock meant, he walked with excitement toward the door and waited for me to open it. He grabbed the chocolates and handed one to each trick-or-treat-er.

Children are brilliant! Only two times observing and he knew exactly what to do. And this is what I want to share with you:

Not only am I reminded of how intelligent these young children are but I relate it to a lesson we can all learn from: Great leaders lead by example. They act as a model of the results they want to see and they encourage the behaviour in others. And we are all capable of being great leaders.

Our actions have much more of an impact than our words. Although Jaxon can not speak and I did not explain in words to him exactly what to do, he observed and acted out the same motions. It is a reminder that for all of us, actions mean more than our words. The way we act and carry ourselves is paramount to the words that we speak.

If you are looking for a change, you must first be the example of that change. If you are looking to be treated a certain way, or looking for a certain result in your life, you must first model that behaviour to those around you before that change can happen. The impact your actions have on those around you is epic.

Never underestimate the power of your actions and the influence you have on others. You do not need to speak in order to propel change however you do need to reflect on your actions and know that your actions never go unnoticed. If you would like to see positive change around you, know that you are a leader always holding the potential to be greater and greater. Here are some tips in leading change:

  • act in the way you want others to act towards you
  • do the things for others that you wish you had done for you 
  • be there for others in ways you wish others were there for you
  • always reflect on your actions, and adjust accordingly
  • always make decisions that will reflect your integrity
  • know that all of your actions will be reflected back to you

Each of us holds such great power, potential and the ability to influence change around us. We are all leaders with the potential to become greater and greater. The key is in awareness: Now that we are aware of the influence our actions have on those around us and ultimately the affect our actions have on our own lives, we can make conscious choices, think about our actions and make adjustments to start a new trend in our lives.

Power comes from knowing your own strengths and knowing where to use them - now that you know your strength lies in your actions, and your actions are reflected back to you, What changes & choices will you make to be a great leader and make great changes?

Love and Success,

Laura Varga

Certified Coach

What's New with Coach Laura

Posted on March 11, 2013 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

I feel like I have been wrapped up tight inside a cocoon living in another time zone (which some days feels like another planet). Yes, I am discovering the joys and challenges of being a new Mother.

I would like to officially announce the arrival of our baby boy Jaxon Jacob Varga September 8 2012. He has been a happy healthy baby from day one after a smooth full term pregnancy.

Learning about being a Mother comes a lot from trusting my instincts - this I have found to be more difficult than ever before, as trusting my instincts now affects a whole other Life. I am also learning from my son the natural wonder there is in discovering new things. He has such a beautiful interest in all new things and he does not judge anything. He is proving that each moment is what it is and then we move on... It is only our minds that hold onto the past. He can cry one minute and laugh the next and he isn't afraid to ask for what he needs each moment. It is beautiful.

Parenthood has also catulpulted me into an intense self discovery course which I thought I had already taken;). Being a new parent I have discovered many more little things about myself (the way I make decisions, process information, the judgements and past emotions that I hold onto). Bening an aware parent is very intersting.

Along with all of that, I am also learning about balancing all the different roles I am so that there is room for everything that energizes me - being a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Coach, Daughter, Sister, Friend.... And so much more. I am staying aware of the different ways I can be busy that energize me and then the different ways I can be busy that drain me.

I am slowly finding time for my business while focusing on being a Mother and Wife for my beautiful Family. My coaching business is one that I always have room for as I find the connection to others energizes all of us.I will post things as I go along and I have created a section called "What My Newborn Taught Me" - I will make more time to add to this so that you can read along and post your comments and stories with me.


Thank You for your support.

And thank You to Jake and Jaxon.

Love and Success,

-Laura Varga



What My Newborn taught Me ... Lesson # 1

Posted on December 19, 2012 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)


Be in the moment > it only takes a second to follow a thought in my mind - what to make for am I going to make it to the store... did I forget to remind my husband... my list of "to do's"... - and that trail of thought can lead to a long road of past and future events. Those thoughts take us out of the moment. It's far too easy to spend time doing one task while your mind floats to a million different places and that is a sure sign of living out of the moment.

Thankfully, the challenges of a newborn baby come with many great gifts. The needs of a newborn are immediate - it's that simple - he has a need that moment and your provide to him. Newborns are living completely in the moment and as a Mother my job demand is to keep up with him in each moment. Though it only takes a second for my mind to trail off, I have this beautiful dark eyed baby looking up at me and he brings me right back from anywhere I trailed off to.

It is a beautiful gift from my baby boy and a true reminder of how simple life can be in the moment.